Real Estate.

Committed real estate professionals with an expertise in a broad range of industries

Our Real Estate team is committed to handle corporate real estate transactions, project developments and energy projects. Their advice starts at the contracting phase but our specialist also act as an experienced partner in the specific real estate sectors

Our expertise

/ Transactions

Corporate real estate transactions are an essential part of our Real Estate practice. Clients are often assisted in close cooperation with other advisors. Our experts draft the letter of intent, advice if the deal is best structured as an asset or share transaction, arrange for the sale and purchase agreement and provide for the closing formalities.

/ Project Development

The advisors of n/p have extensive experience with the different phases of project and area development. Naturally we have a profound knowledge of rights in rem such as leasehold, rights of superficies, apartment rights and grid registrations. Our experts furthermore have a deep understanding of the positions and interests of property developers, investors, financiers and users

/ Energy

n/p advises initiators, developers, financing parties and investors regarding projects in the energy practice. From these perspectives we advise on land agreements, property rights, network registrations, structuring of project and on the issues related to the bankability of these projects

Real estate experts

Jeroen Veenhof

Partner, Notaris

Energy, Real estate tenders, Healthcare, Public and semi-public sector, Property rights structuring

+31 6 51 84 57 58 +31 85 6 207 140

Erwin van Elst

Partner, Notaris

Energy, Real estate tenders, Financing & security rights, Healthcare, Property rights structuring

+31 6 42 12 40 03 +31 85 6 207 131

Reint Bolhuis MRE


Energy, Real estate tenders, Property rights structuring, Financing & security rights, Public and semi-public sector

+31 6 46 85 41 58 +31 85 6 207 121

Esther Ruitenbeek


+31 6 10 73 59 86 +31 85 6 207 132

Gerlinde Klooster


Energy, Public and semi-public sector, Financing & security rights, Property rights structuring

+31 6 27 51 42 45 +31 85 6 207 190

Geert van Eijsden

Senior Jurist

Property rights structuring

+31 6 10 74 18 30 +31 85 6 207 134

Sanne Botter

Register Notarisklerk


+31 85 6 207 163

The advisors of n/p combine knowledge of property rights with the experience in the real estate industries in order to advance the interests of clients.

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